A large number of populations in Bangladesh still are living under poverty line and among them the poorest of the poor are women. And among the women, the divorced women, separated women, working women in informal sector, women with disabilities, mothers of disabled children, violence victim young women, violence victim young girls etc. are most vulnerable. The World Bank Country report of Bangladesh reported that female earnings contribute one-fourth to one-half of the family incomes. But they are not recognized and in many of the cases they are the head of the family and working in informal economic sectors without any technical skills. The experiences have shown that the young women are at risk of hazardous or engaged in worst forms of work due to their lack of technical skills on economic activities for their engagement in alternative livelihoods. The young women and adolescent girls who are victims of early marriages, victims of dowry practices and single women due to separation, young women who are the mother of disabled children are also most vulnerable because of their lacking skills on economic activities and are not able to compete for engaging alternative livelihoods. They are at a risk of sexual abuse, domestic violence, worst form of labor, sexual exploitation, emotional abuse, substance drug abuse, dowry practices, engaged in domestic servants as a form of slavery, victims of salary exploitation and many other forms of violence. It is the reality that every problem mentioned above are deeply interlinked. But for those young girls and women, there are fewer opportunities of economic skill development training and as a result, the situations are going more critical for them. The social education, skill development training and alternative livelihood promotion process of young girls and women help to increase their social worth and strengthen arguments against violence and reduce the risk situation. FWCA has been providing social education, family life education, LSBE, gender and development, human rights, civic rights trainings and skills development training to the young adolescent girls and women for alternative livelihoods. The organization has been working with women specially the mother of disable children, young and adolescent girls and others. The objective of this program is to improve their level of awareness and capacity for the betterment of their children and adolescent, and to promote women human rights. FWCA has been organizing regular meetings, conducting orientation, workshops, and providing skill training that needs to develop their capacity and skills for economic empowerment.