FWCA has been working with the NDD and autistic children since 2005 and from its commencement, we have a dream to establish a permanent “Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (RC)” for these children. The need of this rehabilitation center came from the parents and the working experiences with NDD children as when mothers are praying to God “oh God! We want to die after the death of my NDD children or along with our children”. These thinking and praying of mothers are arising because of unavailability of the protection facilities of these children when the parents will not be able to take care of them. This RC will be a permanent place for these children where all the necessary services and care systems for their survival, development and protection will be included. It will be working as residential and non-residential rehabilitation approaches. To build this center, the organization first need land for establishing necessary infrastructure as it is still operating all its programs in the rented houses and limited spaces. The overall plan is divided in three phases to establish a RC for NDD disabled children. First: Buy a suitable land for the comprehensive RC. In order to do that we are now opening a fund-raising campaign. Second: Build the necessary infrastructure in purchased land of RC. Building the necessary infrastructure must be continued. Third: Take necessary steps for the sustainable operation of RC.