In Bangladesh, the number of children with disabilities especially children with neuro-developmental disabilities (NDD) and autism is increasing day by day. Rajshahi, one of the major cities located in the northern part of Bangladesh, is not far behind from this trend. It is found that the children from NDD, autism and other disabilities are often deprived from the rights and needs they deserve as the citizens of the country. They are deprived of access to therapeutic services, special education and training, and professional care. They are also deprived from rights to protect themselves from abuse and exploitation, rights to participation, rights to survival and development, rights to participate in recreation, pleasure, and sports, right to non-discriminations and inclusions and other rights a citizen should receive. The social, cultural, attitudinal, institutional barriers as well as stigma existing in community level make the situation very complex. They are mistreated and neglected in all spheres of social life. The work on the rights of NDD and autistic children by the government and the non-government organizations are still extremely limited in comparison to the ever-increasing need for interventions and services for those children in Rajshahi. Considering these, FWCA has been operating specialized center called “Anondodhara Center” to provide necessary services to the NDD and autistic children which include physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education and training, indoor outdoor sports, appropriate skills development training, outing, excursion, sports and physical training, case management, home visit and parents counseling, nursing child forum and use creative arts as means of therapy , reintegration and rehabilitation services. Beside this, it is working for awareness generation and advocacy on the issues of disabled children along with capacity development of staffs, care givers (parents) and the organization as well.