FWCA is addressing the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and rights of disabled people. It is raising awareness and knowledge by advocacy, research and publications on climate change, sustainable uses of natural resources, food security, health and emergency relief activities. These activities are trying to increase awareness and knowledge building of people through community involvement as well as others theme base government and non-government actors.


FWCA emphasizes on the need to create a wider constituency to promote human rights issues. That is why FWCA is playing its appropriate role with theme based network with government and non-government organizations at local, national and international levels. At the local level it has been trying to build issues based network with the CBOs and civil societies group. Beside that FWCA has been trying to developed relationship with national, regional, international theme based network, academia and media.


FWCA conducts various theme based study and with the study findings it initiate advocacy. In the meantime, it has gained its expertise on the field of social research. It has also gained expertise on documentation and publication of issue based awareness materials, books and research report.


FWCA has been nursing a creative arts group consisting of its adolescent girls and with the special need children since 2007 as a strong support group on the rights based social movement. FWCA has used creative art for social mobilization to increase people’s knowledge and awareness and particularly perception and attitude. As such, bringing qualitative changes in attitudes and stereotypical practices within families, communities and institutions that have been addressed as the key focus of the FWCA’s rights based Program. Besides that, it has been using creative arts as means of therapy for girls and special need children.