The adolescence is the worth-mentioning life stage for human beings. A large portion of population in Bangladesh constitutes adolescent boys and girls and half of them are girls. The girls in Bangladesh society are growing up by facing a number of challenges because of their gender identity. The socialization of the girls in Bangladesh seems to have followed a set of pattern where they have been trapped and molded by deep-rooted cultures of patriarchy. In a male dominated society, due to gendered social norms, they also systematically excluded from variety of access and facilities that mostly related to their life as well rights. In patriarchal social settings, the process of exclusion tends to exist at every part the social spheres. The girls in Bangladesh society are more likely to be denied access to health care, victimized by the dowry practice, married at very young age and often become pregnant before their bodies are fully developed, forced into slave like conditions as a domestic servant, exploited as a factory worker, abused sexually, physically and emotionally, malnourished throughout childhood, educated inadequately, trafficked abroad and forced into prostitution. The disable adolescent girls face dual pressure as girls and as disable. The girls in Rajshahi city especially the girls who are living in urban slum of Rajshahi city are very much vulnerable of the abovementioned issues. In such circumstances, with a view to promoting aggregate social development through optimistically altering the situation of young adolescent girls FWCA has been working with these girls in Rajshahi city since 2005. It acts through the helping and enabling process in order to organize young adolescent girls in their self-help organization. Along with this, the adolescent girls are assisted in arranging weekly study circles, theme based meetings and assemblage. It is conducting training on life skill based education, training on social and family life education, Reproductive health and rights, gender and development. Apart from these, FWCA is providing skills development training on various trades and business for their economic empowerment from its vocational training centres. It is also using creative and performing arts for psychosocial and cultural supports to the adolescent girls. Awareness generation and local level advocacy are also going on under this program.